Let us follow the trend to “blend and coordinate”…

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A dear Aunt of mine, who is an interior designer, has been trying to break me of the type A, “everything must be even and equal” syndrome since I was 12.  I must say, over the years I have gotten much better at designing in 3s, and blending colors from the same family – but it’s still a struggle.


Oddly enough, what dear Auntie has been telling me for years, is an event designing trend now.  An easy way to spice up a boring meeting space is to use a splash of color. Now, let’s take that 1 step further – why not use different shades of the same color to create soft, warm, break-out study areas; and bright bold shades of that same color to keep everyone awake during a general session?

Check out these rows in a general session…isn’t this much more inviting to a group that just rows and rows of banquet chairs?


And aren’t these high-boys that light up a dark evening reception more interesting than plain linen drapes?


Ok, now take 1 step further and let’s start blending patterns and solids in the same shades.


So while, yes, you need to pay for the chair covers, it is a relatively inexpensive way to give a little WOW to a room. AND you can continue to mix and match the shades and patterns throughout the program.  Blend various solid shades of the same color in the general session room ~ Use all of 1 pattern in each breakout room ~ Then mix the patterns and solids for the evening reception.

As event professionals, not only are we given a free-pass to be creative – it’s expected of us!!

Be creative – think outside the ROYGBIV rainbow!

Auntie will be proud 🙂




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