Fancy Shindigs Events


Fancy Shindigs plans and implements a wide range of corporate events including:

Trade Shows
Trade shows offer companies a way to get their products and services in front of thousands of potential customers. Fancy Shindigs can help you create a dynamic presence at trade shows to increase product and company awareness, or introduce a new product or service into market. We can help you to decide on what industry trade shows will give you the most coverage for your products and services.

Incentive Programs
Your sales people work hard for your company. Reward your best performers with sales incentives or an exciting trip. Fancy Shindigs can work with you to create incentive programs to drive sales and increase revenue. We can also plan exciting annual trips to drive your top performers to exceed their quotas. Inspire loyalty while having fun!

Corporate / Sales Meetings
Whether you need to arrange an elegant dinner for 50 top executives or a major sales meeting for 2,000 sales reps, we can help you achieve your goals.

User / Focus Groups
By creating an event for your specific target audience, you can gain valuable information to better provide your customers with exactly what they want and need, and show that you value their input. Whether you are doing a focus group for 20 of your best customers or a user’s group for all 10,000 of your customers, we can help.

Sales / Customer Training Sessions
Having a well-trained staff and customer keeps you one step ahead of your competition. Fancy Shindigs will work with you to be sure your training is effective and meets your marketing objectives. We can provide professional trainers on various technical topics, sales and marketing techniques, or just the right motivational speakers to make your sales teams top-notch subject matter experts.

Special Events
Your customers are special to you and you want to keep them happy. And don’t forget about your sales people who brought those customers in! Reward customer loyalty and excellent sales service with special events during trade shows or after long days spent in meetings or training sessions.
Fancy Shindigs can help you create a memorable event for your special clients or sales team.