Planning Services

Fancy Shindigs Event Planning Services

Planning Services

We begin each engagement by learning the objective for the event, specific results you’re after, and your budget. Once we understand the foundational elements, we start the planning phase. Because success rests on executing well on every detail, planning is, by far, the most time-intensive phase of a project and can include:

Site Selection
Identify locations to meet your event objectives.

Contract Negotiations
Work with venues and vendors to get the most beneficial contract in place that supports your event objectives.

Establish a budget for your event either from scratch or based on your approved number. – Track actual versus budgeted costs to remain within budget.

Registration Services
Create registration process for all attendees. – Manage database and create reports for pre and on-site planning needs.

Hotel Block
Manage rooming list and/or room block. – Make hotel arrangements for employees, customers, and booth staff.

Depending on the size of the group, manage in-house or contract with a travel agency or DMC for all travel needs.

Work with catering department or secure outside catering vendor. – Plan all meal functions.

Room Setup
Coordinate all room setup needs including tables, linens, risers, head-tables, etc.

Audio Visual
Coordinate projectors, screens, microphones, flip charts, etc.

Identify appropriate vendors to work with and activities to offer to attendees. – Team Building – Guest / Spouse tours, etc.

Music – Interactive games – Entertainers – Theater and/or sporting event tickets, etc.

Speakers Selection
Industry experts – Motivational speakers – Company executives – Presenters for show audience.

Trade Show Logistics:
Show Floor Presence
Help you to identify the best booth space on the show floor and/or sponsorship opportunities, and work with association to secure.

Booth Design and Construction
Help you determine the size and composition of your trade show booth and signage.

Booth Logistics
Coordinate all booth logistics (shipping, drayage, carpeting, electrical, internet, etc.) and work with vendors to secure.

Marketing Communications
Help create Booth driver activities. – Promotional giveaways – Direct mail/email campaigns – Presentations – Media relations materials – Brochures – Product slicks – Internal sales-support materials, and other communications.

Post-Event Services
We understand that you have specific objectives for every meeting and event, and that each one must provide a tangible return on investment. So after the curtain closes, we can help you determine the event’s bottom line results through:

Accounting Wrap-Up
We can provide a detailed summary of all expenditures to help you as history for future events.
We can provide or support lead generation and distribution, surveys on customer needs met, and tally the number of qualified leads from show. We can also help you establish a system to track sales from leads generated.
Quality Assessment
We also reach out to you and your team members to assess the event quality – what went well, what needs to be improved, along with how well you did at meeting the defined objectives or target goals.